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Exploring the Health Benefits of Dry Brushing for Your Skin: A Comprehensive Guide

Is Dry Brushing Healthy For My Skin? Here is the Complete Guide
Regardless of gender, it is indeed a fact that every human being wants to look his best. Being the largest organ of the human body, the skin plays a very significant role in appearance. Thus, the skin needs to be fresh and glowing. Healthy and ecstatic skin is what

Regardless of gender, it is indeed a fact that every human being wants to look his best. Being the largest organ of the human body, the skin plays a very significant role in appearance. Thus, the skin needs to be fresh and glowing. Healthy and ecstatic skin is what everybody needs. Isn’t it?

Various methods are used by people to achieve the perfect skin type and among those, a worth mentioning method is Dry brushing. You might have heard about it before on certain occasions. If not, then stay with us! As you will find everything you need to know right here.

What Is Dry Brushing?

No doubt, dry brushing is an authentic method. Why? Well, it goes 5000 years back and it has been in practice since that time. Now, it has taken a different turn and the technique has been renewed.

Dry brushing involves rubbing or brushing the dry skin with a coarse brush in order to remove the dead skin and exfoliate it. It has proven to provide many benefits.

Dry brushing has numerous benefits and it is obvious as it is an old method. Scientifically, this method has proved its health benefits by helping in many problems. The topmost benefits of dry brushing are:

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If you are a person who cares about his skin, you must be well aware of exfoliating. Naturally, the cells renew themselves every 30 days and the dead cells are shed. Sometimes, additional treatment is needed and that’s where exfoliating comes in handy. Dry brushing effectively performs this process and you will have radiant skin in no time.

The best part of dry brushing? It improves your blood circulation. Half of your problems diminish when you have a healthy blood flow as it is the major carrier in your body. A smooth blood flow will improve your health in many ways. The stiff brush promotes circulation because there are blood vessels under the skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.

Let’s talk biology! You must be wondering what is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and circulatory system. Just like blood vessels, lymph vessels are also present below the skin. Dry brushing facilitates the process of this system. It is said to effectively help the lymphatic system.

Want spotless skin? Dry brushing is what you should choose. The reason? Let me tell you!

Our skin has small pores which often get blocked by oil or dirt. When these deposits stay for a long time, they result in blemishes and dark spots. Dry brushing cleans the smallest of pores and removes the dust and dirt from the pores. Once the pores are cleaned, you can moisturize your skin and it would be free of blemishes.

Pressure points are areas specifically on the hand and feet that are linked to certain parts of the body. Pressing these points alleviates the function of the linked areas. Dry brushing on these pressure points does the same function as pressing these pressure points but in a better and superior way.

The best way to energize your body is a massage or dry brushing. Seldom people go for experiencing relaxation to their nearest masseuse and appoint a solace-giving massage. This releases stress and energizes the body. Likewise, dry brushing allows you to experience the full energizing experience yourself at your home.

As mentioned before, you are going to know everything about dry brushing. This involves the myths too as you will read many lies or myths about this method on the internet. Often people use false information for advertising their products.

For your general information and betterment, you must know about these myths:

Some people promise that this method will break down cellulite and you can reduce fat. When in fact, it only plumps the skin and stretches it for a few minutes because of the rubbing but it does not reduce the cellulite.

Do not expect fat loss from dry brushing.

Even though the skin is the largest organ, it is not the primitive organ for detoxifying. It only removes some extra salts along with the sweat. Dry brushing only freshens the skin, it certainly does not detoxify your body. Detoxification can be done by other activities but not cosmetology.

Another myth that has been circling around among people is that dry brushing boosts digestion. People need to understand that the circulation of blood and digestion are two separate things. Moreover, dry brushing on the stomach may act as a massage substitute but the chances are that it may intensify the problem.

It is necessary that you educate yourself before going towards anything new. We don’t want to put ourselves in more problems, do we?

If you have opted for dry brushing, find out the right way of doing it so that you achieve the ultimate results without risks.

  • Selecting The Right Brush

Make sure that your brush is coarse but not with pointy bristles as it can also produce minor scars. Select the brush that suits your skin.

The correct method for dry brushing is to move in circular motions and not in a to and fro motion. It is suggested to start from your ankles and move upwards towards the body.

You need to make sure that your skin is fully dry. The best time for dry brushing is before showering and always apply moisturizer to protect the natural oils of the skin.

Better safe than sorry! If you have sensitive skin that is easily bruised or harmed, DO NOT try dry brushing because it may expose your skin to infections.

On the other hand, if your skin is damaged or bruised already, avoid dry brushing at all costs as it can become an area of infection if hindered.

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Is dry brushing good for my skin? It definitely is! But only if you do it in the right way and in the right frequency of time.

Experts say that you should not exceed more than two times a week. For ultimate results, keep moisturizing your skin, and you will have flawless, spotless, glowing, energetic, and beaming skin in no time.

The dream of perfect skin is not a dream anymore. It can be really a reality!